Export Procedure from Bangladesh

 Explanation of various Documents:
 A COMMERCIAL INVOICE is prepared by the exporter giving description and price of the goods,
quantity shipped, quality, marks number of packages, name of the buyer, L/C or contract
numbers, grades, size, name of the vessel, the date of shipment, number of Bills of Lading
 An export PACKING LIST considerably more detailed and informative than a standard domestic
packing list.
EXP FORM : is issued by the authorized dealer Bank which certifies in favour of the
concerned exporter stating that he exporter is a bonafied businessman and has made
arrangement with Bank for realization of export proceeds of the goods declared on this form
within four months from the date of shipment. In this regard the bank undertake to ensure
the repatriation of the export proceeds against the shipment.
 Elements of EXP Form:
 Commodity to be exported;
 Country of destination;
 Port of destination;
 Quality;
 Value;
 Terms of sale (Firm Contract/LC or Consignment sale);
 Name & address of importer/consignee;
 Name of carrying vessel;
 Bill of Loading/Railway Receipt/Airway Bill/Truck Receipt/Post Parcel Receipt;
 Port of shipment/Post Office of dispatch;
 Land of Custom Post;
 Shipment date;
 Name of the Exporter (in block letter) with address;
 CCI & E’s Registration Number of the exporter and date;
 Sector (Public or Private) under which the Exporter falls
 Certificate of Origin: A Certificate provided by Competent authority inside
the exporting country stating the origin of Exporting goods.
There are two types of Certificate of Origin
 Preferential
 Non-preferential

 Bill of Export/Shipping Bill:
Bill of Export/Shipping Bill is a document issued by the customs authority which ensure the
shipment of goods.
 Elements of Bill of Export:
 Bill of Export No;
 Consign/Exporter;
 Consign/Importer;
 Declarant/Agent;
 Country of export;
 Country of origin;
 Country of Destination;
 Name of Carrier;
 Currency;
 Place of loading;
 L/C New Invoice Number Exp No;
 Package and description of goods;
 Gross Weight;
 Net Weight;
 HS Code;
 Bill of Lading:
 A bill of lading is a document of title to goods evidencing despatch of goods from the
exporting to the importing country. It is a contract between the owner of the goods and the
 An insurance certificate is used to assure the consignee that insurance will cover the loss of
or damage to the cargo during transit.
 Bill of Exchange the bill of exchange is an order on the buyer to pay the stated amount at
sight or after a certain period of usance.
 Ministries/Departments Related to Export Trade:
 Ministry of Commerce;
 Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
 Ministry of Finance;
 Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock;
 Export Promotion Bureau (EPB);
 Chief Controller of Export and Import (CCE&I);
 National Board of Revenue (NBR);
 Bangladesh Bank;
 Board of Investment (BOI);
 Bangladesh Standards & Testing Institution (BSTI);
 Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE);

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